Garment sublimation is a printing process whereby special inks are impregnated directly into the fibers of the garment's fabric to create a unique look and feel.The entire design of each garment is printed on one side of a single large piece of fabric (generally one of a number of lightweight moisture-management polyesters or polyester blends).
Individual garments are then cut from the fabric, cured (drying and setting of the inks) in a temperature-controlled room then sewn to create the finished garment. Because a single piece of fabric is used, the ink is within the fabric's fibers and the designs are printed from a high-resolution digital image file, a sublimated garment can incorporate unlimited sponsors' logos, lettering, number and fine-detail design elements without anything being placed "onto" the fabric. This allows for unlimited design freedom and a very unique look for your team without increasing the cost. It also allows for incredible clarity and colour vibrancy. When cared for properly, sublimation garments can last longer than traditional "cut-and-sew" garment, as you get none of the cracking, peeling, de-threading or fading you get with older garment decoration methods such as screen printing, embroidery, heat transfer or tackle twill. Sublimated sports uniforms should last more than 2-3 seasons if properly cared for.
As none of the garment decorations or design patterns need to be attached to the fabric, sublimation garments can also be lighter and more comfortable than cut-and-sew garments. For further enquiries please email or call 1300 134 968


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